1954 Studebaker
Owner: Zaven Donabedian

Make: 1954 Studebaker
Model: Commander Coupe
Color: Ford Color, Bright Amber Metallic by P.P.G.

Body: Starting with an original car in excellent condition, the body and chassis were stripped to bare metal. The roof was chopped 2 inches and 1999 Porsche Carrera headlights were fitted to the front fenders. Next, Archie custom built the grille bars, housing the parking and directional lights. The front and rear bumpers were fabricated from 5 Camaro bumpers and recessed into the body. Then the rear quarters were molded into the body. He modified the rear quarters by pinching them in to adapt to 1959 Plymouth taillights. The door windows were modified by removing the vent windows and one piece power operated windows were installed. The engine compartment has a custom firewall and inner fender panels.

Interior: Fred Carrillo of Warwick did the full leather two tone beige interior and the console. The dash has Kakota Digital Instrumentation and the car has air conditioning.

Engine & Drive Line: New G.M. 502 motor with a G.M. 700R4 overdrive transmission and a 9 inch Ford rear end.

Chassis & Suspension: A Fatman fabrication mustang front end was installed. The chassis was stripped and painted black.